Bus operator requirements

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Operators can create an account for the Bus Open Data Digital Service by emailing bodshelpdesk@kpmg.co.uk.

My account

There are three account types: admin, standard and agent.

Organisation profile

Short name & National Operator Codes

Under organisation profile, users can edit the short name and National Operator Codes (NOC) of the operator. The Bus Open Data Service uses the NOC inputted here to cross reference against data supplied to the service. Please make sure that these are maintained.

The noc database can be found on the Traveline website: https://www.travelinedata.org.uk/traveline-open-data/transport-operations/about-2/ .

To change the operator’s long name on BODS, please contact bodshelpdesk@kpmg.co.uk.

User management

Only admin users can add and remove other users from the operator’s organisation. All users can publish data for the operator.

Types of users:

Admin users should be the key account holders of the operator. They can add and remove other users from the organisation.

Standard users should be the staff of the operator.

Agents are external to the operator’s organisation and can publish an operator’s data to the service. Agents must be invited to the service in the first instance by an operator. Please ensure external contracts are established prior to assigning agents.

Unable to create a user?

If you are having issues inviting a new user to your organisation, please contact bodshelpdesk@kpmg.co.uk.