Local authority requirements

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Timetables data support

Local transport authorities may support operators by sending them the digitised TranXChange files made from their paper registration. The operator can then publish it on the service.

A number of smaller bus operators may wish to post bus information to you, as many are currently doing whilst registering a service. You may offer to send these files to operators or support them in producing their TransXChange files for the service.

Methods of producing TransXChange 2.4 include procuring scheduling software or using the free TxC 2.4 tool provided by DfT, from the following website:


If you require additional support, DfT can support the creation of TxC using the tool. For more information please contact bodshelpdesk@kpmg.co.uk

Please ensure the timetables data provided aligns with TransXChange version 2.4.

Bus location data support

A limited number of operators still do not have ETMs that can provide SIRI-VM data which aligns with the Department for Transport SIRI-VM Profile. This also enables crowding information to be provided to the service.

Please ensure ETM suppliers procured can provide bus location data in feeds that align with the standards documented in the operator requirements. Once a supplier has been procured, operators may require support getting set up.

Fares data support

Operators who have ETM suppliers can talk with them about hosted NeTEx solutions. A large proportion of fares data already resides within ETM systems. This can be leveraged to provide NeTEx to BODS. There may be a need for additional product development, so ensure your needs are understood by your supplier.

Alternatively, you can support operators using the free Fare Data Build Tool to produce NeTEx which can be found here:


Please ensure fares data provided aligns to the standards in the operator requirements.