Last stop is not a timing point

A timing point is a designated stop where the bus has been registered to depart from at a specific time. The Traffic Commissioner requires registered services have the first and last stop designated as timing points for the main route variant.


The Traffic Commissioner requires “a timetable for the service indicating the proposed times (on the days when the service is to run) of individual services at principal points on the route” and it is these points that a service's punctuality is monitored. Timing points are used to generate hard copy 'shortened' timetables at bus stops, as well as their soft copy counterparts online. If the first and last stop are not timing points, these will not be printed correctly. In turn reducing the quality of information available to passengers. This effect is particularly negative for low digital passengers who rely on hard copy timetables.

Last stop in the following timing pattern(s) have been observed to not have timing points.