Last stop is not a timing point

Line U5:Oxford City Centre - Headington, Gipsy Lane Campus has at least one journey where the last stop is not a timing point

Fern Hill Road (adj) is the last stop in a timing pattern but is not designated a timing point

Timing pattern

Stops marked with * are timing points

Arrival Departure Stop name
0:00:00 0:00:00 *Warneford Hospital (opp)
0:01:00 0:01:00 Valentia Road (adj)
0:02:00 0:02:00 Lime Walk (Stop G5)
0:03:00 0:03:00 Girdlestone Close (Stop G3)
0:04:00 0:04:00 Goslyn Close (Stop G1)
0:05:00 0:05:00 Warren Crescent (opp)
0:06:00 0:06:00 Peat Moors (opp)
0:07:00 0:07:00 Cinnaminta Road (opp)
0:08:00 0:08:00 Corner House (nr)
0:09:00 0:09:00 *Paul Kent Hall (o/s)
0:10:00 0:10:00 Barracks Lane (opp)
0:11:00 0:11:00 Crescent Hall (opp)
0:12:00 0:12:00 Fern Hill Road (adj)

Which journeys have been affected?

1 Total journeys affected from 04/01/2022

Example vehicle journeys affected

Below is a sample of up to 100 vehicle journeys from your data set that use the above timing pattern. Please refer back to these journeys in your scheduling tool and update the corresponding timetables(s) to address the observation "Last stop is not a timing point".

Line Journey date Start time First stop
U5:Oxford City Centre - Headington, Gipsy Lane Campus 04/01/2022 23:35 Warneford Hospital (opp)