Missing block number

This observation highlights missing valid block numbers for services which are beginning in 7 days time. The block number needs to be the same as the corresponding object in the bus location data field ‘BlockRef’.

Block number is also known as bus workings number, most frequently populated using running board information. It’s a unique identifier or code (usually a simple number) that is used for all the journeys an individual bus is scheduled to work.

If an operator does not have a documented running board, they can create one by allocating each of their vehicles a ‘code’. For each of the journeys operated by the same vehicle, the journey should be given a consistent identifier as the input for both the TransXChange (Block number) and SIRI-VM (Block ref). For example, Vehicle 1, could have block number = 1 allocated to all the journeys that will be completed by vehicle 1.


This is a key piece of information for consumers to use in order to match across different data types. This enables consumers to improve their journey predictions for passengers by considering cross journey predictions. Meaning if a vehicle is late on a journey, the next journey is likely to also be running late.